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How to choose the right stereo microscopes

How to choose the right stereo microscopes

1. MTS series stereo microscope only two magnification can be used, the series microscope’s operation is relatively simple, suitable for the observation of the relatively simple sample; in addition to the MTS series products, other stereo microscope products of our company are zoom continuously, the high and low magnification are different.

2. MZS series stereo microscope covers most of the magnification range, can meet the needs of various customers, in addition to the MZS0740 series products, the other MZS series stereo microscope contain trinocular series while can visual observation also be displayed on a display at the same time by connecting industrial camera.

3. MZS0870 and MZS0655 series’ angle between eyetubes and level is 35 degrees while belong to low observation angle, suitable for long time use, such as operations staff who online detection on assembly line.

4. MZS1865C series which built-in coaxial lighting device, suitable for some of the situation which requires coaxial lighting observation.

5. MZPS series high-end parallel optical stereo microscope has depth of field large, high magnification and contain trinocular series which can be used in the high-end area.


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