Semiconductor,wafer processing, IC Packaging, IC Assembly and Testing

MTO microscopes are widely used in semiconductor industry. MTO’s Microsystems imaging solutions offer accurate inspection and analysis for wafer processing,IC Packaging, IC Assembly and Testing. We help semiconductor equipment manufactuers of wire donder, die bonder, welding machines, SMT electronic pasting machines.

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The use of a microscope is becoming essential as the components of the boards are becoming smaller so that the PCB( Printed Circuit Board) can hold more.Imaging systemscan assist with development of new PCBs.
Our microscopes can help you achieve fast and accurate inspection and rework, analysis and measurement, and assembly of PCBs to maintain or improve their performance.

High efficient inspection
Wide field of view,you don’t need to move PCB frequently to see more.
Big depth of view, you don’t need to adjust the microscope focus repetitively.
Which means more details,and less adjustment to save your time.

All the tiny components on PCB can be observed rapidly and precisely.
Low distortion offeres reliable inspection and measurement.

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