6.7X zoom lens system MZDH0850 Series

MZDH0850 is a modular zoom lens system that can be combined to meet nearly any application requests. Choose from a variety of zoom body, accessory optics, motorized configurations, and illumination. Diverse optical magnification range of 0.07X-20X offers remarkable versatility, high contrast images, and vivid colors,51.4×68.6-0.18×0.24 mm view field, working distance starting at 35mm, add infinity-corrected objective lenses to achieve unmatched edge flatness and clarity.

Details about 6.7X zoom lens system MZDH0850 Series

◆ Infinite farness and coaxial illuminate optical systems

◆ High-resolution and high definition

◆ Can observe different objects by using LED coaxial illumination or fiber optic illumination.

◆ Wildly used in electric equipment, semi-conductor, LCD,LED, etc. for digital image observation, inspection, and measurement

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