65X Zoom Stereo Microscope MZS1065 (可变)

Binocular and Trinocular for easy image share are both available; Non-flash in focus course while from high 65X to low magnification 10X and 6.5:1 zoom for the quick shift from overview to details, Optical magnification can be extended to maximum 390X; Large depth of view, with different eyepieces and auxiliary objectives, the field of view can vary from 62.2mm to 0.7mm, and working distance can vary from 275mm to 35mm; Widely applied in the field of modern biology research, semiconductor, and other science and technology industry.

Additional information

Weight 1800 g
Dimensions 370 × 330 × 385 mm

Grey, black

standard eyepieces


Interpupillary Adjustment



+-6 degree

Eyetube Inclination degree

45 degree

Working distance




Track Distance




Product Details


  • Greenough optical system, bright and high contrast images to be obtained at any magnification.
  • 6.5X optical zoom magnification, with a 110mm long working distance, offers enough room for operation on the objects.
  • Includes MZS1065(binocular) and MZS1065T(trinocular). Trinocular optical head for monitoring and digital imaging. CCD adaptor is a must accessory to connect a digital camera. Lightpath split can be 50% and 50%.
  • Non-flash in zoom course while from high to low magnification
  • New optical design, recur the best resolution and true color image
  • Large depth of view, the width of visual fields, super long working distance, high cost-effective
  • Widely applied in fields of modern biology research, microelectronics, semiconductor, mobile phones, watches, and other science and technology industries. Mainly used in inspection on IC chips.

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