70X Zoom Stereo Microscope MZS0870 Series

Continuous zoom magnification: 0.8X~7.0X, zoom ratio 8.8:1

Eyepiece: SWH10X high eyepoint & extra wide-field eyepiece, FOV Φ23mm

Eyetubes: Inclined 35°

WD: 108mm

Focus range: 50mm( track stand: 100mm)

Interpupillary distance adjustment range (10X eyepiece): 52mm~76mm

Diopter adjustment range: ±6 Diopter

The holder and the head matching dimension: Φ76mm

Distance between the center of the pole and the center of the holder: 140mm

The diameter of the pole: Φ25mm

The diameter of the center working stage: Φ95mm

Details about 70X Zoom Stereo Microscope MZS0870 Series

8X-70X Zoom Stereo Microscope MZS0870 Series

◆ Patented technology design

◆ Long working distance, large depth of field, large zoom ratio

◆ The trinocular main body can be matched CCD (CMOS)camera, digital camera

◆ Various eyepieces, divisional eyepieces and auxiliary objectives to be selected

◆ Available to match stands and universal stands, LED ring illuminator, ring fluorescent lamp, fiber, etc.

◆ Widely used in semiconductor, micro-electric industry assembly for inspection, measurement, and quality control.

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