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MTDM fixed Mag.lens

  • Single Magnification Video Optical Systems, Lathe tool–setting Inclined Eyetube Microscope, Double Magnification Video Optical Systems, MTDP Infinity Monocular Video Optical Systems
  • Over 200 models which configure different magnification, working distance, coaxial illuminator, optical path turn 90°, 180°double magnification and etc.
  • Applied for inspection and similar purposes on electric equipment, semiconductor, tin, printed stickers, wafer, LCD display.
  • Standard CS or C mount are both available for matching digital cameras.
  • Customization is acceptable

Additional information

Produt  Details

Tell us your requests on the working distance, optical magnification,  coaxial-illumination or not,  and mounting size for your equipment, we can design for you.

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