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MTOS3000 HDMI camera for trinocular microscopes

Super Smart Camera
automatically analyzes the acquired images and optimizes the white balance, exposure time and saturation, to present perfect images. For bright fields, bioimaging or dark field birefringent crystal imaging delivers ideal images, barely needing any parameter adjustments.

Additional information

Weight 1800 g
Dimensions 370 × 330 × 385 mm
Item No.


Sensor Size




Frame rate


Image storage

support a USB stick

Image output


working voltage






Produt  Details

Key features:

  • Built-in running system LINUX 3.10 inside the camera! The user can control the camera with just a mouse via the USB port. There is no need for a PC;
  • HDMI port to connect a screen display;
  • Fast view the image on the screen, record, and share through a USB stick.
  • Measuring function software can be installed if you need it.

Find how to connect the screen display, power, save images:

❶: Connect the power adaptor to get the camera to start work.

❷: HDMI allows the camera to be connected directly to a screen display with HDMI sport, without a PC!

❸: Insert a USB stick to save images and data.

❹: Connect a USB mouse to operate the camera and the measurement software.

❺: A remote controller to capture images fast, even continuously snap without stopping. 

High efficiency in capturing, documenting, and sharing images with the MTOS3000 microscope camera.


You can save, analyse,and share the digital imaging and data with your colleagues. Save your time on tasks.


Easy operation, direct inspection result can greatly reduce fatigue brought by long time work.

Many basic tools for image adjustment and measurement in the software help you to get the right image you want,  record the analysis, comparision and measurement for the inspection work.

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