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MZDH0850 6.7X high resolution zoom lens

  • Infinite farness and coaxial illuminate optical systems
  • High-resolution and high definition
  •  Can observe different objects by using LED coaxial illumination or fiber optic illumination.
  • Wildly used in electric equipment, semi-conductor, LCD,LED and etc. for digital image observation, inspection, and measurement.

Additional information

Optical Mag.


Zoom Ratio


Mounting Size


Working Distance


Produt  Details

  • High resolution, high contrast crisp, clear images help your observation and inspection work much easier;
  • With a zoom ratio of 6.7:1, a zoom range of 0.75X to 5.0X, and a variable optical magnification range of 0.07X-45X offers versatility;
  • 008*0.11mm-51.4*68.6mm field of view to save your time to capture details in a wide range;
  • The working distance can be changed from 16 to 293mm;
  • Available to match infinite corrected metallographic objective from the brands Nikon, Olympus, and Mitutoyo;
  • Zoom body with detents, co-axial, polarizer, fine focus, light path transition or motorized are achievable;
  • Works with 1/3″, 1/2″ and 2/3″ cameras;
  • All the auxiliary objectives and CCD adaptors are compatible with MZDH0670

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