MZDV0640 6.7X compact zoom lens

  • Infinity Optical system design, short and beautiful, large depth of field, can be with detent.
  • Various CCD adapters, magnification objectives, coaxial illumination are available.
  • MZDV0640, MZDV0640C
  • Widely applied in semiconductor types of equipment, especially suitable in two-dimensional, three-dimensional measurement systems.
  • Can be custom-made pre-set stops at integer magnification with detents in zoom course.
    Magnification positioned repeatedly and exactly with detents in zoom course.

Additional information

Optical Mag.


Zoom Ratio


Mounting Size


Working Distance

117mm, 175mm, 293mm, 35mm, 54mm, 82mm

Product Details

System Diagram; Key terms for Item Numbers and calculation; Standard Configuration; Optical Specifications; Optional accessories to combine a video system; Applications: semiconductor, electronics, LCD

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