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MZVF0745 0.7X~4.5X Measuring digital microscope


1.Synthetic depth-of-field;

2.Eight zone light source control;

3.All-round lighting mode;

4.Magnification automatically identification;

5.Video,pictures and data can be uploaded by network;

6.Can connect to the EMS system;

7.Calibration free measuring.

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Produt  Details

All in one measuring digital video microscope, beyond your imagination!

Core Features

Synthetic depth-of-field

Ultra depth of field fusion

Completely synthesize images of different focal planes into a clear picture, which can be directly measured on the image after depth of field synthesis, and the size measurement is more accurate and direct.

Automatic multi-directional illumination combination

Automatically combine the lights from different directions to individually illuminate the multi aspects of an image before combining them again. It allows to capture more details which are impossible under usual ring light.

Separately control Eight-zone light

It can achieve a variety of different lighting combinations, can solve the problem of some details cannot be shown under normal ring light.

HDMI dual-screen synchronized display

Pictures or videos can be uploaded to your computer via the internet for same screen display

Network data upload

Network data upload

Images and data can be remotely uploaded to the server for storage, traceability through barcode QR code seamless integration with MES management system.

Magnification adaptive shows on screen

Mag shows on screen

The magnification will show on screen as the user turns the magnification adjust knob, it will automatically change during the turn.

Calibration free

In the measurement software, Calibration has been done before out of factory. Save time on the complicated boring work.

Work without PC

With a CPU in the camera, no need to work by connecting with computer. Even if there is an option for that.

Product Structure


Menu on Screen

Menu on screen

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